Aligned Carbon is supercharging
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Aligned Carbon’s Alcar wafer platform is trailblazing a transformation of the semiconductor industry by unlocking 1000x power-performance in next-generation CMOS technology. Alcar wafers will form new industries, make aggressive roadmaps a reality, and allow the semiconductor industry to achieve economies of scale never seen before. Re-Aligning The Semiconductor Industry In A Post Moore’s Law World.

From Lab to Fab

To meet the stringent requirements of the nanoelectronics industry, Aligned Carbon’s Alcar platform is built on three pillars of innovation: 1) Our carbon nanotubes are grown in a perfectly aligned fashion across a wafer-scale surface; 2) Our carbon nanotubes are semiconducting-pure; and 3) Our wafers are 100% CMOS fabrication-compatible. Combining all three has been touted as “the holy grail” by experts and represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to level up semiconductor manufacturing.

Aligned Wafer-Scale Growth

We utilize a proprietary wafer-scale chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth technique to create aligned CNTs. Our process ensures material is regular and repeatable: crucial for integration in device fabrication.

Semiconductor Purification

Our pathbreaking purification process utilizes a hybrid of technologies to ensure semiconducting purity while also maintaining alignment. We have achieved unprecedented purities that we are now sampling to strategic customers.

Foundry Compatible

All steps of our aligned growth and purification processes are CMOS foundry-compatible. This means fabs of all sizes and process nodes can integrate Alcar wafers into their portfolios.

Aligned Carbon is providing next-generation semiconductor material that takes the industry forward in a Post Moore’s Law world, unlocks order-of-magnitude enhancements in computing, and drives innovations in multiple other sectors. At the heart of this innovation is our incredible team.