TSMC and Aligned Carbon: Evaluating the Future of Transistor Channel Material on the New Alcar Wafer Platform

Jan 10, 2024 - Press-release -Aligned Carbon

Santa Clara, CA. — Aligned Carbon is thrilled to announce that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) has purchased Aligned Carbon’s Alcar material for its evaluation as a transistor channel material. This engagement spans multiple generations of Alcar wafer purity and capability.

This effort is enabled by Aligned Carbon’s all-new Alcar wafer platform: an industry-first, production-scale technology that provides aligned, semiconductor-pure CNTs in a CMOS-compatible format. A snapshot of the capabilities of the Alcar wafer platform, provided below, demonstrates the key capabilities not currently available elsewhere in the industry. 

By providing this groundbreaking technology to TSMC, the Aligned Carbon team aims to push the boundaries of what is possible in the most cutting-edge fabs.

“We are thrilled that such an incredible team like the one at TSMC is analyzing our technology. We believe this not only underscores the potential of new advanced materials, but also reflects our commitment to delivering solutions that will shape the future of technology and drive industry-wide innovation,” said Dr. J Provine, CEO of Aligned Carbon.

For more information about Aligned Carbon and the Alcar wafer platform, please visit alignedcarbon.com or reach out to comms@alignedcarbon.com.


About Aligned Carbon:

Aligned Carbon is a technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the semiconductor industry by harnessing the power of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). By pioneering the first-ever semiconducting-pure, aligned CNT wafers in a format compatible with the industry’s needs, Aligned Carbon provides the key to unlocking next-generation enhancements in monolithic 3D integration, energy efficient logic, sub-THz wireless, power electronics, and many other markets. 


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