Aligned Carbon Announces Major Breakthrough With Optical Purification of CNTs at >99.5% Semiconducting Purity

May 15, 2023 - Press-release -Aligned Carbon

Santa Clara, CA. — Aligned Carbon is proud to announce a crucial breakthrough in the purification and removal of metallic carbon nanotubes through an innovative optical purification approach. This revolutionary advancement has resulted in the production of semiconducting pure, aligned carbon nanotubes on wafers with a purity level exceeding 99.5%, using a methodology that still enables manufacturing scale and rapid wafer production.

Carbon nanotubes have long been recognized for their extraordinary electrical and thermal properties, making them a highly sought-after material in the semiconductor industry. However, the presence of metallic nanotubes within carbon nanotube samples has posed a substantial challenge for achieving the desired level of semiconducting purity necessary for high-performance electronics.

Aligned Carbon’s breakthrough optical purification method has successfully addressed this challenge by selectively removing metallic carbon nanotubes from the mixture. This pioneering technique leverages advanced optical differences to distinguish between metallic and semiconducting nanotubes, allowing for the precise removal of unwanted metallic components while preserving the semiconducting ones.

Key benefits of Aligned Carbon’s groundbreaking optical purification method include:

  • Unprecedented Purity: The resulting carbon nanotubes exhibit a semiconducting purity of greater than 99.5%, setting a new standard in the industry. This will further be pushed in the coming months to match the most stringent needs in specific industry verticals, up to 99.9999% purity.
  • Scalability: Aligned Carbon’s purification method is designed for manufacturing scale, enabling the mass production of high-purity carbon nanotubes and supporting the semiconductor industry’s growing demands.

This monumental achievement marks a major turning point in the application of carbon nanotubes for advanced electronics and semiconductor devices. Aligned Carbon’s breakthrough will open doors to the development of faster, more energy-efficient, high-performance electronic components, leading to innovations that will benefit industries ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace.

Aligned Carbon is actively collaborating with leading semiconductor manufacturers to integrate its high-purity carbon nanotubes into their R&D teams, with the goal of accelerating the development of cutting-edge semiconductor devices.

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About Aligned Carbon:

Aligned Carbon is a pioneering startup dedicated to revolutionizing the semiconductor industry by harnessing the power of carbon nanotube (CNTs). By providing the first ever semiconducting pure, aligned CNT wafers in a format compatible with the industry’s needs, Aligned Carbon serves as the key to unlocking next generation enhancements in monolithic 3D integration, energy efficient logic, sub-THz wireless, power electronics, and many other markets.


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